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Mixed Berry & Apple Fruit Bites Pack of 15

Step up to the power of four.

Carbohydrate, the key fuel for exercise, is stored as glycogen in a limited supply in the liver and muscles. For optimal performance you need to boost your glycogen levels before, during, and after exercise. Go Native fruit bites are a high quality carbohydrate source made from natural fruit and vegetable ingredients.

The combined super powers of these four will charge anyone to throw themselves at life. People of every age, talent and interest from all corners of the world, no matter how remote, can now carry all the energy they need in their back pocket.

  • Antioxidant powerhouse
  • Vitamin and mineral rich
  • Fibre rich
  • One daily fruit serving per 30g of fruit bites

Natural Ingredients

Concentrated Apple Puree, Concentrated Apple Juice, Strawberry Puree, Citrus Fibre, Plant Pectin, Natural Flavour.

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