24 Hour Food Packs

We’ve done the hard work for you.

Your main meals, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Tea, Coffee, Salt, and Pepper is ready. 

Rich and hearty main meals, not dehydrated

Fast to make, breakfast just add water, stir & eat, dinner is hot in 6 minutes

Compact and lightweight food packs: 690g

FAD Free Tuna Lunch

Matt always has a pack (or three!) on hand in the boat & truck so that when the conditions are perfect he's ready to go!

    Enjoy $5 off + Free shipping until June 5th



    24 Hour Food Pack Chicken Italiano

    $34.95. NOW $29.95 + Free Shipping

    24 Hour Food Pack Beef Casserole

    $34.95. NOW $29.95 + Free Shipping

    24 Hour Food Pack Vegetable Curry

    $34.95. NOW $29.95 + Free Shipping